More than design.

A wise man once said, “If your value proposition is your price, than you have no value.” While we are around 1,250% more affordable than your average in house communications team, our value comes from our expertise in non-profit marketing materials, our goal oriented team, and our empathy for the needs of small non-profits with big missions.


Can we buy you a cup of coffee?

Do you have time for ONE phone call which can save a huge amount of your non-profit’s resources? Alternatively you might just want to look around and see what things we are doing right and use them within your own organization, which we love to see. While we are not a non-profit organization, we didn’t start Dumb Ox as a get rich quick endeavor. We truly want to help your organization grow in tandem with our own.


We break our pricing down to an hourly figure is not only for the sake of transparency, but to ensure that we are only being utilized when needed.

The problem with pricing plans is that no two non-profits are alike. We do not provide template or “cookie cutter” solutions, so why would our pricing be different?

We provide monthly itemized reports to break down the hourly cost per project. Our average client utilizes our team for 22/hrs monthly which comes out to $1,650, which is less than a non-profits average communication’s employee makes in a WEEK. On top of that, we do it better.

bet·ter /ˈbedər/ adjectiveof a more excellent or effective type or quality

Let’s Work Together!

You’ve reached the bottom of the page, that’s got to count for something. Dial our digits or shoot us an email, we’re great conversationalists.